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Fiddlehead Woodworking


Amy Umbel is the crafter behind Fiddlehead Woodworking. She sustainably harvests the wood used in her shop. Her pieces are all made by hand, each one bearing the mark of her exceptional work and attention to detail. Amy sent me a box of goodies to photograph. She was recently a finalist in the Martha Stewart American Made contest and it's clear why! I'm a home chef and my sweetie (Seth) is an actual working chef; we were both impressed by the quality of her work. We cooked and ate with the pieces and fell in love with each one. Not only are the pieces beautiful, they are also excellent tools - designed with intention and purpose in mind. just WANT to use them. They feel good in your hands. Like they belong there. Like you were made for each other...not just that the wood pieces were designed to feel good in your hand, but as though your hand was made to hold these pieces. I especially love the little eating spoon featured above and sweet Amy gifted it to me. I squealed and bounced about when she told me I could keep it. I can't wait to eat with it. EVERY SINGLE DAY. I might actually plan my meals based on wether or not I can eat them with this wonderful petite spoon. Check out her Facebook page and her website.  She has an online store and you can contact her for custom orders.