Little L: The Love Between


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Kendra and Timmy, 2005.

Kendra, Lila Mae, and Timmy, 2014.

Spending time with Kendra and Timmy, the love between them is palpable. I've known them for twelve years. Through that time there has been a constant in the noticeable depth of their love: their fierce support for each other, the pride each feels in the other, the way they are so deeply at HOME with each other, and all that laughter. And now the love-a-dub-dub between them has a most precious shape and name: Lila Mae. Their first child, born January 15, 2014. Oh...were it not for newborns and their astute awareness that napping is the best and hunger induces rightful and legitimate crankiness, I'd have photographed them for hours. Lila M is already rocking tummy-time like a champ and has some seriously entrancing, gorgeous eyes. Watch out world - get in her tractor beam and you will never escape that soulful gaze! With parents like hers, she is bound to be smart as a whip, tough as nails, sweet as pie, and wield a fiery and brilliant sense of humor. She is destined for greatness.

Welcome Little L. I'm just one of many who's here in the world excited to love you.