Buon Appetito, Bella Luna

There were countless reasons I was thrilled to move back to Harrisonburg. Learning that Harrisonburg is now home to a wood-fired pizza place, Bella Luna, was just icing on the cake.

Anyone who's dined there knows that folks at Bella Luna are making a welcome, delicious, and unique contribution to the already thriving and praise-worthy culinary scene in Harrisonburg.

What you may not realize is that owner Wade Luhn has a legit commitment to artisanal, hand-crafted, and local food from seed to table. He sources locally as much product as he can, including meats, cheeses,  produce, beer, cider, and wine.

Pastas and their hearth bread are made by hand, daily.

Made-to-order pizzas with 3-4 toppings are cooked for just a minute in the wood-fired oven. The come out with gorgeous leopard spotting and a thin, crispy crust - my favorite.

The space is gorgeous - warm, laid back, and comfortable but also spacious.  The spot includes a covered patio and event room and sports games air on the bar TV.

Good things are happening here and working with Wade and Cate (general manager) to do some photography for the restaurant's forthcoming website was a joy. Come visit and we'll definitely grab a meal here, one of my favorite dining spots in town. More images available in the Food&Farms page.