The Adela Sessions

 World, meet Adela. And see her many, many faces. 

 Adela Simone Ares Zeltser was born on June 22, 2013, the day after her mother's birthday. Like most newborns, she spends most of her time sleeping, eating, and perfecting the art of dirtying diapers . It seems her other favorite pass-time is making indecipherable facial expressions that cause her loving parents to wonder what they are doing right - or wrong. Personally, I think she is just messing with them. She is deeply loved and doted over by many.

Adela's parents are my dear friends, Eric and Yelena. Eric and I have been friends since college.

Thankfully, Eric found Yelena. They wooed the heck out of each other (read: share a sometimes whacked out sense of humor), and now she and I get to be buddies. She is someone I admire greatly, a woman who exemplifies many qualities I aspire to. As I watch her grow into motherhood, I admire her more.


(I am reflecting now on a handful of amazing women friends in my life, women I've met because they are in partnerships with my wonderful friends. Two of them are pictured with me above, Lizzy on the left and Yelena on the right. Kelly C. also gets a shout-out in this department.)

The first time I met Yelena, I drank a bit too much Jameson and blathered on and on about my desire to be an auntie/godmother to her and Eric's future children. While my state of mind was regrettable, and I believe I creeped out Yelena at the time, the sentiment was and remains true. My heart is so filled in being an auntie-by-love to little Adela, in being someone who gets to let her know she is held by a community of people who support her. And I feel lucky to grow in my friendships with Eric and Yelena as I watch them in this new time in their lives.

Adela, welcome. We love you. 

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