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The Venice Diaries

Venice, CA/Southern CA * August 2013 * Sony NEX-7 * Lightroom 5

California. I visit frequently and the more I do the more I feel a foreigner in a foreign land.

Venice, my home for two weeks this summer while working on a documentary photography project, Explore the F.L.O.W  (deep, deep gratitude to the Mulkeys for their generosity).

 My routine: all my days began and usually ended with a walk through the Venice Walk Streets. I felt a comfort, ease, safety, and spaciousness that I have never felt on an auto/ped shared-use street. The streets are pocked with funky, unique doors and gorgeous flowers. 

Abbot Kinney Boulevard...packed with all sorts of culinary temptations. Intelligentisia Coffee, I became addicted to you. The foam on your lattes was so dreamily thick and fluffy I wanted to dive nose-first into each cup. Solid tapas at Primitivo and candle-lit conversation with new friends who feel like old friends and a too expensive bottle of wine.

I died and went to heaven when I devoured (by myself) a perfectly executed pomodoro burrata pizza with arugula from Gjelina Take Away. (I made two solo trips to pomodoro pizza heaven.)


The Getty Villa: Greco-Roman art. Ancient ceramic pieces and sculpture.

Thousand Steps Beach in Laguna. The Pacific is a different beast altogether; she seems to alternate between crashing fury and deceptive, fleeting moments of calm. Manic.


Baby Adela, Eric, and Yelena, my LA family, made me feel un-foreign.

Two weeks in CA couldn't shake my East Coast syndrome. Walking faster than everyone else. Easily annoyed in stores and supermarkets at the seemingly flighty and long-ass-totally-unconscious-of-the-line-behind-them meandering conversations between cashiers and customers. Totally judgmental when I perceived vapid and egocentric LA/CA talk. 

But I love you, LA. You fed me well, nourished me with scantily clad and assertive landscapes, gave me new friends. 

You've got a little piece of my heart.

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